Monday, June 23, 2014

My Summer Challenge

My family is officially four days into summer break!  This is a welcome end to a crazy school/lessons/sports schedule and the beginning of summer fun.  It also means that my work hours go from being daylight to midnight if I am lucky.  If I were realistic I would dial down expectations and to do lists accordingly.  I am not that sort of person of course.  I like a challenge.  So what better thing to do than defy the laws of summer and challenge myself to not only keep my three girls busy and happy but to keep accomplishing actual, physical sculpture work every day.

Now that is more like it.

The goal is to sculpt or paint or otherwise work on completing a piece.  This does not include computer work like marketing or blogging, shipping, paperwork, etc.  Those things generally get done because they must.  They have actual deadlines. Production of new things usually gets pushed down the list.  This is manageable when I have actual full work days, no so much on summer schedules.  I plan to document this experiment daily through my Instagram feed (griffinwyseinsta) with a #griffinwysemadness.  I will update the progress of the completed work and comments here, no doubt kicking myself for ever thinking this up and then being fool enough to commit publicly.  That being said, I may just get more done than I could imagine and blow my own mind with new skills and groundbreaking ideas ( I find it helps to stay positive).

  Wish me luck and Happy Summer! I am off to work!