Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Renaissance Tale

I just finished another framed art doll.  This one emerged entirely from the face.  I tend to work strictly on instinct.  When this interesting face appeared and I instantly saw the whole piece in my mind.  It was exciting because I have not worked often in a more pastel palette and I was initially wondering if it would fit into my "look".  Ottavia (as she has been newly dubbed) started with a serene expression and a slightly longer face.  It reminded me of the film "The Tale of Despereaux."  I loved the colors in that movie so that gave me a direction.  First order of business - a tiny violin.

Stringing the violin.
I used one of our violins to model this one and strung it as realistically as possible.  The bow also has "hair" to give it that true-to-life feeling as well.

Here are the finished pieces.

I designed a gown befitting a proper young lady and created sheet music that will lay in the corner and began to set up the final arrangement.

 I painted the more pastel palette and used my aging technique.
I loved the tranquil feel of all of the colors coming together but it still had that bit of drama I adore.
Then Ottavia was given a mane of fair hair.

As a final touch I added a portrait of William Byrd.  He was an English composer of the Renaissance and wrote for Queen Elizabeth.  A little bit of history for you.

At last Ottavia was complete and secured to her frame.  I find I love working in frames.  It gives me the chance to create an environment that can tell a little more about each character and I am sure it won't be long before another face inspires another framed work.

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