Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wizard Fest 2014

I spent Saturday at Country Village's Wizard Fest.  It is so close to where I live I couldn't resist going once again.  Country Village is such a beautiful location and the only outdoor venue I show my work at so far.  This event is mainly for children although witches and wizards of all ages do attend.  It is a fun break from the big art shows and I get to take my children with me to tend the booth and run our free raffle.  The Seattle area happens to be in the middle of an unseasonable heatwave so we were thankful for the shade of our tent and the sound of the large water fountain near our location.  I will share some photos of the day below.
 The Wizard's Magic Show brought the skills of Hogwarts to the Village and thrilled the budding students.  I'll tip my hat to this fabulous and funny wizard to managed to perform so graciously in his stunning robes in ninety-plus degree heat!

One of the great things about an outdoor venue is you get to meet lots of pets.  At a wizarding show people tend to have some unusual pets.  This giant iguana was content to ride on his owner's jacket or stroll confidently on his leash.  I also had some of the Village chickens wander into my booth as I was setting up- just missed getting a photo of one eye to eye with one of my sculptures!

Even the vendors came decked out is robes.  Who wouldn't want to shop this gentleman's store?

One of the main reasons I love this show is it gives me the chance to catch up with Dennis Brown.  He is a fine artist and adviser and I always enjoy his company.  I am lucky to have someone with such skills living so close.  This time we swapped pieces and this photo shows Dennis holding the piece I took home.  I have one of his borrowers and this pumpkin-headed guy is now sitting next to it.

So the work completed for the past twelve days of my Summer Challenge was dozens of baby house elves and creatures.  The remaining pieces will be added to my Etsy shop this week.  I am finally able to get back to preparing for Halloween and have some hard sculpts in the works of a witch, pumpkin man and mummy.
Check in for photos soon!

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