Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Treasures for my Studio from April 4, 2012

I attended the Best of the Northwest art show here in the Seattle area this past weekend and had a wonderful time with my family.  It is so nice to get out of the studio and see what other artists have been creating.  My girls love seeing all of the variety and we usually end up with a new art project in our future once they get inspired.  I have been particularly drawn to color- the more color the better.  There was no shortage of beautiful art at to be seen and it makes me even more excited to attend their fall show.  We came away with two little treasures from a Portland artist I have long admired and who is also a really delightful person.  Her shop is called Fantasy Figurative Art by Marca . I have seen her over the years at various art shows and always have to check out all of her fun/creepy creatures.  We came home with Spaz and Sparky.  They have their place here in my studio but my daughters frequently have to take them out and adore them for a while.  These are just a small sample of Marca's work.  Her characters are truly full of life.  I had my eye on a character by the name of Ramona and if I cannot get something out of my head it usually means I will bring it home at some point.  No doubt you will find one of her posable dolls irresistible, too.  If you would like to see more please stop by her website at
I love going to art shows and collecting things I love for my studio.  Not only is it wonderful to be surrounded by things I love looking at but I also believe in supporting fellow artists however I can.  I have found most artists are very supportive of each others' work and most agree in saying that there are enough collectors for everyone.  Even if you create similar things, no two artists' work have exactly the same feel.  I have also been the type that gets all teary and emotional when I see someone succeed doing something they love.  Watch someone win a reality show competition or a good pull-on-your-heartstrings commercial and I bring out the tissues every time!  I will feature more artists in this blog in the future whom I collect (or would like to collect) and have in my work space in the hopes they inspire you, too.
I'll close this week with a little peek at what I am working on this week.

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